Último días!

Ya hemos llegado al final del año académico, faltan 3 días para irme ya a casa. Estos últimos días son los más difíciles de todos! Tienes que decirle adiós a todos tus amigos y compañeros y lo peor es que nunca sabes si los vas a volver a ver .

Para despedirme e mi host family les e escrito una cartas, están en ingles perlas voy a poner aquí para que podáis leerlas:

Carta para mis hostparents:


I really had some of the best days of my life in Staples.

“Staples? Really?” I remember saying this only 9 months from now when I first read the address where I’d be living for almost a year. I had no idea where it was, what kind of city it’d be or what kind of people id meet. To be honest with you I didn’t even know where Minnesota was! (north (?))

I left my house August 30th 2015 with a million questions on my mind. Saying bye to my family wasn’t too exciting. The idea of not seeing them for a year wasn’t a very pleasant feeling. At that moment I didn’t know how fast this year would go by.


I was nervous, really nervous! But you directly made me feel like home. A home a little different, with another language, with another culture, but still a home! I struggled the first couple of days, or weeks, because of my English and the fact that I didn’t know anyone. I decided to play volleyball. To meet people, to stay busy, and to not think about my family and friends back home. volleyball was great! I obviously didn’t play a lot but I met tons of people and I loved it!


My first days in school were pretty weird, I met a lot of people though so that was a good thing.

After a couple of months, I started to get comfortable in school and my English started to get better.


Winter came and I got more and more comfortable, it was really cold, tons of snow and quite unexpected for whose winter consist on an average of 42 F but I really had a great time! Time was going by so fast! And after winter, time just flew by even faster.

End of the year came and I felt really proud. Proud of everything I had done the past 9 months.


Then the saddest day of my life arrived. June 10th 2016. Saying goodbye was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I cried a lot. And I hate this situation more than anything! I promise I’ll be back!


To end this huge letter I’d like to say that this year was an amazing experience and I met people who changed my life forever! Tom, Meg; none of this would’ve been possible without you and I could never thank you enough for that! I love you and I’ll miss you so much!

I fell in love with Staples. That city made me laugh, made me cry, made me the happiest person in the world, gave me a new family and gave a new home! Yes; Staples, Minnesota! It probably sounds crazy to you!

Well, never forget how much I love you and how important you are for me and for other people.

Love you all!

Carta para mi hostsister:


I still remember every little detail of when I left my country to be an exchange student here. When I said bye to my family and friends my heart broke in pieces and I realized that I’m not going to see them the next 9 months.

When I arrived at the airport, I was excited and happy but also really anxious.

It’s definitely hard to adjust to the life in your host country and the first weeks are not easy. But then I started to believe in myself and I had the best time of my life. I still remember myself tearing up in class my first two weeks of school because I was homesick and I still remember myself wishing I’d be where I’ve always been. But I learned to adjust and deal with the situation. And I have grown, I’ve grown so much as a person. And yes I changed, but it’s a good change.

And even though sometimes it seems like this 9 month have been an eternity, in the end it feels like it’s been two months. And then you wish you could turn back time.

I’m finding myself sitting here, looking at my yearbook and knowing that I’ll be back in my home country really soon and it’s scary.

And it’s scary because it will never be the same.

Saying goodbye is a part of the exchange. It’s a part like every other little thing I’ve done in this year. I’m still in the process to accept that I have to go.


An exchange year is an emotional roller coaster but in the end, it’s worth it. I am sure most of my stories that I’ll tell my friends and children (?) and

grandchildren at one point in my life will start with „When I was an exchange student…“„When I was in the United States…“

It took a huge part of my life but it made it the best part of it! And Mel believe me, without you this would have been impossible. You opened your house and your heart to a new sister (actually two) and you made us feel like at home every single day, even if you weren’t in your best humor or you weren’t having your best day, and Mel that is awesome!

 I love you sooo sooo soooo sooo much!! You are such a cool sister!

Mel I’ll miss you so bad!

I will never! NEVER! Forget you!

Y la última carat es para my otra merma de brasil que también esta de intercambio:


Exchange are a million last times. Exchange are a million goodbyes. Exchange are millions of emotions.

Everyone says that exchange is a whole life in one year, but I think differently. The time we spend abroad will always be there. It will never leave us.

We have grown, personally and emotionally. And that is what stays. We could describe it as life changing.

You are one of the people with the most courage. You should be proud of you!

You left everything you know behind. Family, friends, your environment, food, school and all the things that come to your mind.

The day I left, broke my heart. It broke my parents’ heart and it broke my brother’s heart. I met a lot of people crying that day. It was not just me, I’m pretty sure you witnessed it too.

You and I miles of miles apart jumped in a plane full of people we never met before to go to a place we have never been. We moved in to a house with people that was called our family even though there was nothing that connects us.

The next day waking up in a bed or even a room that did not look like our room. Sitting together with our new family in the living room and we do not understand a word because they talk to fast, they have an accent and we notice that our English is not as good as we thought. Going to school the very first day and being overwhelmed by all those people and new impressions. Standing in the cafeteria looking around not knowing who to sit with. Getting used to the everyday life and trying so hard to find friends or at least people that can understand what you are going through. Lying in bed missing home so much that is breaks your heart all over again.


We went to situations that some would describe as their personal hell, but we survived it and it made us even stronger. It changed our view of the world, our opinions, and it influenced our personality, our characters. All those situations made us appreciate what we had. All those situations made us stronger and get everyday a little bit closer and better.


But remember there were so many times we could not have been happier. The first time we met our new family, and we all were so excited. The first day of school. The first football game we went to. The first time in Taco Bell. The first time we felt we were on the right place at the right time. The first time we felt loved by the new family and the moment when we noticed they see us and treat us like their own child’s. The day we learned to appreciate Netflix…


Exchange is like a roller coaster. It goes up and down, sometimes more and sometimes less.

For some people exchange is the life of their dreams, for some is it worse than their life in their home country, and for some people it is kind of the same. It does not matter where you are, you are in control of it.


Having courage is all it takes, time flies by so fast. Like this year; we meet 9 months ago, yet, it feels just like 9 days ago. Your craziness changed me for good and I’m sure mine did changed you too. We, together, went throw this year without falling apart because we had each other to stick us together again. We went by rough times but we made it! I can’t imagine this exchange program without you, all the crazy moments that we lived together would had been even worst alone. Even if we had had bad or difficult moments together we ended up being friends, being sisters and that’s awesome!!

Lots of Love.

Este año académico a sido impresionante, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo, si tenéis la oportunidad de iros al extranjero hacedlo porque es una experiencia única.

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